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 Long...Long ago In the begining a great battle was fought between man and beast that destroyed the lands and divided kingdoms. The evil Dark Lord Maddix was hard at work to keep the alliance between both sides a drift. His evil spread across the land like a plaque consuming everything in it's path. The once beautiful and thriving lands became desolite waste lands of dust and mud. Only a few places still had thriving life. Maddix wanted complete power of all tigers, so he could be the Ruler of the Tigers, but hope remained in an unsuspecting two, who looked into the future and saw it's destruction. Secretly a union was made between a princess and a Tiger that would change the world forever.  They joined together with the help of a strong wizard to build a new alliance from their union.  Their aire would save the world from parriel.  A child born half tiger and  1/2 human that would change the world forever.  

    The secret born that day stayed secret from evils eyes as she grew into adulthood. The lands in the realm began to slowly rebuild, as evil eyes seem to be veiled from the ray of light that shimmered in the morning dew. When this allience was made..the great voice of the Tigers once again was heard.  The legend of the Ruler of the Tigers grew through out the land spreading hope to all who remained.  Tigeira was magicly powerful as well as the most beautifully honored person in her clan. She had long black hair as black as midnight, with piercing blue eyes like sea crystals, that glowed when the rage of the tiger came out in battle. She was slender in size but powerful in strength. Tigeira's battle skills were forged from all the great battle tigers. Her skills in combat were magicly given to her, to be the most powerful being in the land, for the balance of the land depended on her.

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